Introducing FantasyBet: The future of Fantasy Football

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Review of FantasyBet, one of the most popular fantasy sports site for football fans around the world.

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Deep FantasyBet Review - The Future of Fantasy Football. How it works, Line up process, joining a contest. 200% Bonus for new customers. Premier League, Champions and Europa League, Liga, Tippeligaen and FA Cup.

FantasyBet review


FantasyBet are promoting themselves as the "Future of Fantasy Football" and then we have deeply analyzed their site from bonuses to scoring system, giving a satysfying overview of the whole contest and lineup process.


FantasyBet gives a lot more attention and depth to soccer than other fantasy sports betting sites.
Indeed they currently offer a variety of daily contests on the English Premier League, Championship, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Spanish La Liga and Norwegian Tippeligaen.


Unlike traditional fantasy football, FantasyBet contests are based upon a selection of one day’s fixtures, and then at the end of the day, the contest is over and you receive a prize based upon your points total from that day.


Moreover, they allow players  to create their own contests in addition to participating in regular guaranteed prize pools, cash games and freerolls. You can join heads up contests or more classic league structured tournaments such as season long, game week or the selected matches only and even 90 minutes contests.

Contests can be made public or invite only and everything is customisable from player lists, buy-ins, pay-out structures to field size.


FantasyBet received the ‘Best Fantasy Product’ at the 2015 SBC Betting on Football Awards ceremony.


Fantasy Bet Welcome Bonus


FantasyBet are offering a 200% DEPOSIT BONUS up to £400 to new customers.


The bonus is released at a rate of 4% of your total game buy-ins after making the deposit.

FantasyBet offer regular FREEROLLS and these are easy to spot in the competition lobby – just look for the word ‘Free’ which will be listed under the ‘Buy-in’ header.


How Fantasy Bet works


The contest lobby is full of a variety of games every week. Using drop-down menus, choose your contest by:

  • League
  • Game Rules
  • Buy In
  • Duration

You can also understand which contest if better for you by checking out the ‘Tooltips’ column. This column will give you a heads-up on what rules feature in any contest — for example, if you can enter multiple lineups, if it’s a 6-a-side game, or if there’s a guaranteed prize pool.


Create your own contests


Can’t see a game on the contest board that takes your fancy? No problem.

On FantasyBet, creating your own games is wholly encouraged. From start to finish, you’re in control of a huge number of contest factors, to make the exact game you want. Customise aspects of your contest, such as:

  • League
  • Duration (Single game week? Full season? Custom round?)
  • Player List (for Custom round games)
  • Flash Mode
  • Team Budget
  • Captains and vice-captains
  • Private/Public availability
  • Entrant maximum
  • Buy in (paid or free)
  • Payout structure (a progressive tournament, 50/50 or winner takes all)


Then choose a name for your contest and you’re good to go. Such a comprehensive game creation system is rarely matched on other DFS sites. This is a huge plus for FantasyBet players!


Flash Mode Contests


Entering a lineup in a hurry, or want the ultimate adrenaline rush? In Flash Mode contests, football managers have just 3 minutes to select and enter a lineup. Now that’s fast! Look for the lightning icon to find Flash Mode games.


Creating a Lineup

Choosing players in the lineup at FantasyBet


Once you’ve chosen a contest, you’ll be brought to the lineup creation page.

You have to choose 11 players sticking to a fantasy budget (or six, if you’re doing a 6-a-side contest), as well as four reserves, to play on your ultimate fantasy team. In addition to your own research, clicking on the information button next to each player will help you make informed choices.


FantasyBet allows you to choose from the following 7 formations:
5-4-1, 5-3-2, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 3-4-3.


The fun doesn’t stop at player selection — before submitting a lineup, you’ll need to nominate your Captain and Vice-captain players. Captains score double points; if the captain is not in play, the vice-captain gains double points instead. Choosing the right captain could make or break your performance, especially for Guaranteed Prize Pools tournaments or winner takes all contests.


Making your lineup in a hurry? Click on the autocomplete button and FantasyBet will fill in every empty position on your team. Using algorithms to make sure you’re under budget and choose good captain/vice-captain players, this function can help you strategise your lineups or enter a team just before the contest starts.


Making a lineup at FantasyBet

Fantasy Bet Scoring System

Once you’ve confirmed your lineups, sit back and enjoy watching your progress LIVE.


FantasyBet has in-depth scoring systems for the 11-a-side and 6-a-side games, so you’ll have plenty to keep your fantasy team busy while the real players are on the pitch!

Every site’s scoring system is slightly different; here are a few of the key scoring rules to look out for on FantasyBet:

  • Counting down the clock: players get 1 point for playing up to 60 minutes, and 2 points for playing over 60 minutes.
  • Goalie glory: goalkeepers and defenders get a huge 6 points for scoring a goal. Midfielders get 5 points and Forwards get 4.
  • Penalty save perks: a penalty save gets you a healthy 5 points. For the attackers, a penalty miss sets you back -2.

Another nice thing of FantasyBet is the bonus points you can get for outstanding players on your roster. The best player, by points, gets 3 extra points, the second best players gets 2 points, and the third best player 1 point. Getting a best player bonus could give you the point boost you need to win!


Payout Structure


For paid games, it’s essential to know what kind of payout structure you’re dealing with before entering a contest. FantasyBet has a nice range of payout structures, so you can choose the best to suit your playing style. Choose from:

  • Progressive: approximately the top 20% of players get the prize pool, no matter how many entrants there are in total.
  • Expanded: the top 3 contestants win most of the prize pool, but other positions do get rewarded too.
  • Double or Nothing: the top 50% win the pot, the bottom 50% get nothing. This is referred to as 50/50 in the DFS community.
  • Winner Takes All: there’s only one winner in these contests!

It’s good to have a variety of payout types to choose from, and it’s clear to see which one is in play when you click on a contest for more information.




We’ve found FantasyBet really exciting.

It is really nice to compete in various competitions and not only the Premier League offered on other Fantasy Sports website and the possibility to create your own contests is simply superb!

We are pretty sure football fans at Gamblersonly will love FantasyBet!

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