Weekend Betting System: 7 Events in 4 Bets

Very profitable football betting system with seven matches

Betting System made of 4 bets with 7 matches scheduled between 7th and 9th December 2018.

Betting System with 7 events in 4 bets

This system is made of 7 events combined into 4 bets of 5 events each, as displayed below:
1st Bet -   1-2-3-6-7
2nd Bet - 1-2-4-5-6
3rd Bet -  1-3-4-5-7
4th Bet -  2-3-4-5-6
This kind of system is perfect for those bettors who often lose their accumulators because of 1 game only.
With 0 errors you will win all 4 bets.
With 1 error possibility of 2 wins at 14.3% and 1 at 85.7%
With 2 errors still possible to win a bet at 19%.
Considering it is only made by 4 bets, even winning one bet only assures you a decent income and mainly it avoids you a big number of bets lost for just a goal, because all expert bettors know that accumulators are nice but not that likely to win.

Matches selected for the system

Matches selected for our football betting system made of 4 bets

no deposit free bet football betting

Combinations of the 7 matches

Development of an easy football betting system with 7 events

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