About PlayHugeLottos:

PlayHugeLottos- the name says it all! All of the most exciting lotteries of the world are available to play online. We are talking half of a billion worth U.S. lottery jackpots, European lotteries going up to €190 million and even bigger lottery pools!


Playing lottery online:

Lotteries have been since a very long time World goes around that the first lottery helped fund building the Great Wall of China.

So, the lottery has been giving the thrill to its players for thousands of years now. And now anyone can play the world’s best lotteries online.

The process is very simple.

A lottery player purchases a lottery ticket online, a representative of PlayHugeLottos in a specific county buys the ticket in a land shop, writes down the player’s name on the ticket and sends a confirmation message to the player.

That’s how any players can play European, U.S., Australian, Brazilian or any other national lotteries around the world.

When it comes to lotteries, there are significant differences in jackpots, odds of winning, payouts, taxes, usual number of rollovers, ticket prices.

With the variety of lotteries to play online, every kind of lottery player will find something for themselves. 

And to top it all, only online players can play in lottery pools to play several world’s biggest lotteries at once with more chances to win.


Biggest lotteries, biggest jackpots

Each of the world’s biggest lotteries with jackpots exceeding $500 million is available at PlayHugeLottos.

• USA Mega Millions 

• Powerball 

• UK Lottery 

• SuperLottoPlus 

• EuroMillions 

• EuroJackpot 

• FranceLoto 

• SuperEnaLotto 

• SuperEnaMax 

• MegaSena 

• LaPrimitiva 

• ElGordo 

• Oz Lotto 

• Oz Powerball


Lotto Points Program

Just like being a poker or a casino players, staying loyal pays off. With every $1 they earn Lotto points that can later be redeemed for vouchers which in turn gives the player more chances to winning the jackpot. Their VIP program consists of several VIP tiers that you reach depending on how much you play throughout the month:

• Silver requires 750 points. 

• Gold requires 1,500 points 

• Platinum requires 3,750 points 

• Diamond requires 10,000 points


The higher you go, the more free ticket vouchers you can get for your lotto points. 

In addition to Lotto points, PlayHugeLottos regularly release promotions with even more opportunities to win. Keep an eye on half-price tickets, extra raffles and more. 

Don’t forget that new players are also eligible for Double Deposit Bonus.

The deposit they make within 7 days of registration will earn them an equal amount a deposit bonus giving more opportunities to play, try out different lotteries and win.


Payment options

Playing online lottery for the first time may raise lots of questions with one of the most frequent being “will I really get my money if I win?” Players are safe. Since 1998 PlayHugeLottos have kept 100% payment record.

To play lottery online anyone can use a variety of ways from credit cards to e-wallets. When making a purchase, players can make a direct payment or create an account on PlayHugeLottos, deposit to their account and use it to buy tickets.