Paddy Power Sportsbook - £50 Free bet welcome bonus review


About Paddy Power


Well known by punters for taking bets on almost anything, Paddy Power Sports Betting is definitely a unique experience and always willing to push the boundaries away from conventional betting.

Paddy Power, founded in 1988 by the merger of three existing Irish high street bookmakers, takes an unconventional approach to betting and gaming believing them to be firmly rooted in the leisure and entertainment space. It is this approach that has seen Paddy Power become Ireland's biggest and most successful bookmaker.


As such its mission is to make 'risk-based entertainment' more accessible and fun. It offers customers an unparalleled betting experience that is great value; great fun and has the best service.

Through this strategy the company has developed a strong reputation as "The Punter Friendly Bookmaker" and has become renowned for its unique "Money Back Specials".

Thanks to this customer-centric approach, it is now generally accepted that a bet with Paddy Power has three possible outcomes - Win, Lose or Money Back.


While the company specialises in small stakes, fixed odds sports betting, it also offers odds on a number of non-sporting and novelty markets, such as election betting and the outcome of popular TV events.


It has pioneered a number of new products such as Insurebet (getting your money back if your horse places or your 1st goalscorer scores later in game) and 'Faller Insurance' (the only bookmaker to currently offer the chance to get your money back if your horse falls).


Paddy Power £50 Free Bet


Applying only to new customers, this Paddy Power free bet offer is quite attractive because, obviously, you only need £50 to get started. While you do have to make a matching bet to get going, this sum is not as large as what you might see at other bookmakers. It is a genuine offer which, more often that not, will result in a nice payday for you. 


When you place your free bet, any possible winnings will be displayed on the betting receipt. The stake will be listed, but because the stake was free from Paddy Power it will not be returned, as you will only receive your winnings. The offer is for the Paddy Power sportsbook only and cannot be used in any other part of the Paddy Power website. 


While generally Paddy Power takes payments from Skrill and Neteller for their regular bets,Paddy Power does not accept these methods of payment for this free bet offer. 


Useful info:

Languages: English, Spanish

Deposit options: VISA, MasterCard, Cheque, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill

Accepted Currencies: UK Sterling, Euro (all currencies will be converted to UK Sterling or Euro)


Why choose Paddy Power?

• More markets 

• More Sports 
• More Products 
• Money back specials 
• 24/7 customer support 
• Dedicate affiliate support 
• Competitive commission 
• On time payment

Paddy Power Sportsbook - £50 Free bet welcome bonus review