About Mansion Poker

The first impression you get at Mansion Poker is that they are all about simplicity.

They are not among a bunch of flashy poker rooms screaming about every promotion. Automatically, this gives a feeling of trust and respect.

Mansion Poker was launched in 2005 as an independent poker room but since 2008 it is a part of iPoker Network that currently is the largest poker network in the world. It is a part of iPoker Tier 1 – dedicated to smaller poker rooms and advanced, mid-stakes grinders rather than beginners.

But of course, there are players and games of all types at Mansion Poker.

In 2012 the whole iPoker Network was split into to tiers. Confusingly, Top tier is Tier 2 where high traffic poker rooms with lots of new players are assigned.

This is the tier dedicated to micro-to-low stakes players. Lower tier – Tier 1 is where smaller rooms of the network are assigned.

Keep in mind, MTT player pools, HU Sit and Go’s above $30, 6-max Sit and Go’s above $10, non-NLHold’em cash games and high stakes cash games still have combined player pools. The same applies to fast-fold games on iPoker Network Speed Poker.


Mansion Rewards program features 8 VIP Levels to guarantee every kind of player gets rewards he or she deserves.

Mansion Poker is undoubtedly a Top 3 online poker site in terms of Loyalty rewards.

2+ VIP level players all have entry to Loyalty Shop but there are also differences.

First of all, there are exclusive freerolls to beginners while others are exclusive to advanced players.


New players get entries to a wide array of freerolls starting with $25 Bankroll Builders and up to $250 Weekly Depositors and bimonthly $2.500 New Depositors Freerolls.


Mansion Poker VIP Level Scheme (Points required):

• Player (0)

• Rookie (250) – Weekly $150 Freeroll

• Hotshot (1.000) - Weekly $150 Freeroll, Weekly $1000 Freeroll, Monthly $5000 Freeroll

• Club (2.000) - Weekly $1000 Freeroll, Monthly $5000 Freeroll

• Pro (8.000) - Weekly $1000 Freeroll, Monthly $5000 Freeroll

• Elite (20.000) - Weekly $1000 Freeroll, Monthly $5000 Freeroll

• Platinum (50.000) - Weekly $1000 Freeroll, Monthly $5000 Freeroll

• Diamond (100.000) - Weekly $1000 Freeroll, Monthly $5000 Freeroll


Another difference in rewards is Loyalty Scheme Rewards that are only available to players of VIP level 4+ (Club VIP and up).

This is unique loyalty rewards providing a boost to player’s points balanced heavily towards advanced players.

It is determined by player’s performance over the last 3 and 6 months and either rewards up to 760.000 Points or multiplies collected points by up to x3.



This unique loyalty scheme will reward you for maintaining your status within Club Mansion.

Maintain membership of Club Mansion for three months and you are eligible for gifts, tournament tickets or cash bonuses in the Club Mansion Shop.

Greater rewards for maintaining your membership for more than 6 months!

With the new loyalty scheme, you have the choice of:

* How much 

* How often 

* and which reward to claim