What is an Accumulator in football betting?

What is an Accumulator in football betting

One of the most famous betting strategies is the accumulator bet. This strategy is very common among betting beginners. In this article, you find everything you need to know about it.


In an accumulator bet, also called Multibet, Acca or Accu, you combine a number of different bets (usually called “legs”) of whole games or single events and consolidate them into one bet. The great advantage of multiple bets is, that the different odds of the different legs are multiplied and thus the combined odd is extremely high and you can yield a good profit. That is why this betting form is so popular with beginners.


But on the other hand, it is a very risky way of betting. Since you have to guess every single event correctly the chances that you miss one gets higher with every added event. If you miss one, your bet is lost. Accumulator betting can be played with all different types of bets like halftime/fulltime, scorecast/wincast, handicap or double chance bets.


Type of accumulators in football betting


If you want to place your multiple bets profitably you should, at first, not combine more than 2 or 3 legs. We suggest that you choose one leg that will almost certainly turn up (commonly known as a “bank”) and combine it with another bet that is a little more unlikely to happen. By doing so the two odds are multiplied and you can get out (a lot) more than if you just bet on one event.


An accumulator is a bet of 4 or more selections. Those with fewer than 4 behave the same but have different names as detailed below:



Number of selections Bet Name


2 Double


3 Treble


4 Four-Fold Accumulator


5 Five-Fold Accumulator


6 Six-Fold Accumulator


7 Seven-Fold Accumulator


8 Eight-Fold Accumulator



An upper limit to the number of selections does not exist, making it possible to pick bets that could win really big as this man did when he won £1.45m from a £2 horse racing bet.


Examples of accumulators in football betting


Example of double bet in football betting


Let’s take a look at this scenario: As your first leg you take the game Bayer Leverkusen – Werder Bremen from German Bundesliga Odds. You bet on Leverkusen as a (kind of) sure bet at an odd of 1.29. Your second leg is Eintracht Frankfurt  – FC Augsburg at an odd of 2.15 on a Home-Team-Win. When you multiply those two odds you get your overall odd of 2.78. This is a way higher odd than if you just bet on one leg.


The good thing with accumulator betting is, that you can combine games from many different leagues (or even sports). We advise you to do so as much as you can and adopt some different leagues as long as you have good knowledge about the league. So as an example try to combine bets from the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League.


If you want to further enhance your overall odd you can add another leg to your Multibet. This is called a treble.



Example of a treble in football betting


You can boost your overall odd by combining three legs to one bet. But don’t forget that the more games you combine the higher is your risk. So we suggest that you should add another sure bet as your third leg. This may not give you a tremendous overall odd but at least you still have a good chance to win your bet.

Bank 1: Bayer Leverkusen – Werder Bremen, Tip 1 (Odd 1.32) plus
Bank 2: Arsenal FC – Manchester City, Tip 2 (Odd 2.40) plus
Third leg: Liverpool FC – Aston Villa, Tip 1 (Odd 1.25)



Your overall odd sums up to 3.96 which is all at once a very good odd and still highly likely that you win the bet.


With all the prospects of high overall odds when you combine more good bets and fewer banks, we still advise you to keep your risk as low as possible and just play two banks with one good third leg.


Winning 6-fold accumulator made by our tipsters

Which sports are good for accumulator bets?


Accumulator bets are most common for bets with only two opponents where the game can only conclude in two or three ways – either one opponent wins, loses or they draw.


Especially football is an excellent sport to bet with this strategy. On the one hand you can bet in several different leagues to diverse your bet. On the other hand the games are easier to bet on because the favorites often hold the upper hand and go away with the win. But also other sports like basketball, ice-hockey and tennis are very popular.


You make money with accumulators in football?


This kind of betting system is not so popular with professional betters. This is because it is really hard to estimate the risk of two, three or more games. Also, to experts’ believes, luck plays a major role in these bets. Further, when you place an accumulator bet you are restricted to one bookmaker and maybe get not the best odd for one specific leg.

It is important that you don’t lose your head in the clouds of the high possible odds but use banks to slightly improve your overall odd.

We understand the pleasure in making a nice acca with high odds and yeah we suggest you to try sometimes, but keep on mind that it is not the best way for making money betting on football, especially in the long run.


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